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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently our Virtual Assistants are located in the Philippines. We are looking at expanding to Mexico eventually.

The Virtual Assistants receive their payments monthly, calculated according to the hours they log, whether part-time or full-time.

$250 for part-time VA and $500 for full-time. This is not an ongoing charge but only happens one-time when you are signing a contract for one VA. If you require more than 1 VA, it is another onboarding charge for the additional VA.

Once we have the VA ready to onboard with the client, we schedule a Onboarding call for introduction and cadence with their New VA. Team Leaders work with the Clients on what to delegate out to their VA”s. The Team leaders are on zoom calls with the Client and their VA for the 1st couple of weeks in this new relationship. The Team Leader does weekly random check-ins with the client and VA.

Yes, we can provide them with US phone numbers if the client wants them.

This is not our model. We hire the VA based on very lengthy conversation, forms and Cultural Index profiles. When the VA is hired, we do an onboarding call and introduce the VA. If the VA is not up to the Clients expectations then we need more guidance from the Client and will set aside 3 candidates for the Client to interview after they have rejected our top choice.

This depends on the client. Some clients like it daily, weekly via zoom. Some what daily conversation/check-ins with the VA via What’s app. We establish the communication cadence during the onboarding call.

The VA’s operate on whatever time zone you prefer they work in. Can I get assistance outside of regular business hours? Yes, there is someone always available to assist.

Our contracts are not flexible. However, hours can be scaled up and down with a Thirty (30) days notice.

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